Spartan Burpee for a Cause


  • Who can host a Burpee for a Cause event?
    • Anyone who is a registered fitness business, gym, bootcamp, cross-fit-box or personal trainer etc.
  • Why do I need to be a registered fitness business?
    • For insurance purposes
  • How do I become a host?
    • Register on this link and propose a suburb location 
    • You will then be contacted once we finalise the full-list of locations
    • Pick a day – Saturday or Sunday (or both) – whichever is most convenient
    • The event will commence at 8am on both Saturday and Sunday
  • What is expected of a host?
    • Engage your client base and share Burpees for a Cause event details on Facebook, Instagram, EDMs, etc.
    • Have a minimum of 10 participants signed-up for the event
    • You will need to measure out and mark with cones, a full 1KM (likely to be 500m out and back, or even a shorter distance in laps, totalling 1KM) course
    • Be there 45 minutes before the event starts, to check in the participants using our App
    • Hand out the starting wrist band, to paid participants
    • Explain the rules to the participants before they start
    • Warm up the participants for five minutes prior to the start
    • Hand out patches as participants finish/cross finish line
    • Find someone to take photos
    • Share photos with Spartan Race as soon as possible during and after the event
  • How do I check in the participants on the day?
    • Download the App to check in participants on the day
    • Make sure you have a decent phone battery, wi-fi connection, etc.
    • Once the participant has checked in hand out a silicone wrist band, to prove that they have paid and can join the start line
  • What is the Burpee for a Cause charity?
    • TBC – likely to be Youth Homelessness & Domestic Violence
    • What is real strength? Attitude and behaviours.
  • Is there a cost involved?
    • Cost of registration for the host – free
    • Participants pay $29 – will all proceeds going to charity
  • What do participants get?
    • A unique BURPEES for a CAUSE patch – only once they’ve completed the full kilometre
    • Warm fuzzy vibes a.k.a that feeling you get when you've been helping others! 
  • What must participants do?
    • Bring water for the event
    • Participants must show up 15 minutes before the 8:00AM start time
  • When is the event?
    • Runs over a weekend 20 May – 21 May
    • Beginning at 8:00AM on each day
  • What happens on the day?
    • The event should last approximately 1 hour
  • Can I race in a team to share the load?
    • Yes! Participants can do the 1km challenge as an individual or as team (maximum of three members) e.g. in a relay, tag-team format
    • Two out of three members must be doing burpees at any one time
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