2018: Age Group Category

New for 2018, Spartan is introducing the Age Group Category (the Age Group Category will replace the Competitive Category seen prior to 2018). 

There will be six Age Group categories, for both male and female competitors:

  1. 14-17
  2. 18-24
  3. 25-29
  4. 30-39
  5. 40-49
  6. 50+

Top 3 Male and Female Age Group winners at every event will win an award and other non-monetary prizes. 

For complete details on how you may qualify for a Regional Championship, or the World Championship, please see: 2018: World Championship Qualification.


Please note that the Age Group category is only available in the individual Sprint, Super and Beast. With the Combo and Trifecta you have a choice between Elite and Open only.


If you have registered for the Elite or Open wave of your race and would like to be placed into the Age Group category instead, please visit our Wave Time Transfer FAQ. Please note that upgrading from the Open wave incurs an additional $10.

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