2019: Team Discount

If you have a team of fewer than 10 people, please do not use the prepaid team registration as NO discounts can be applied. You can register as a standard team following the instructions HERE.


ALL teams registered as "Pre Paid" entries are held to the policies and procedures below, regardless of whether your pre-paid team size qualified you for a discount*

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What is the Team Discount?
How do I register my team and get this discount?
How do I claim my pre-paid team registration?
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What's the discount?

The standard team discount is: 

  • 10 to 19 in a Team = 10% off

  • Over 20 in a Team = 15% off, or contact to enquire about large team packages

This discount amount may be increased for select events, during special promotional periods. Watch your email inbox and our Spartan social media for updates!


How do I register my team and get this discount?

  1. Begin registration as usual, for the event of your choice (start here at and then "find a race")  
  2. When you reach the option to create or join a team, you should select "Create a new team (prepay for all members with team discount)"

  3. You will then be asked to specify your team name and the number of team entries you'd like to pay for (with the relevant discount)
  4. We highly suggest setting a TEAM PASSWORD to prevent unintended members from claiming your prepaid entries. You can do this now, during registration, or from your Chronotrack profile after registration. (see our Details section for more on this topic)
  5. On the right hand side of the Registration screen, you will see the number of entries you selected, their current registration price, as well as the discount you're receiving (based on the number of entries you're purchasing).
  6. The team captain (the person purchasing all the entries), will then be able to send invitation emails to team members, as well as view the team roster, via their Chronotrack profile. 
  7. NOTE FOR TEAM CAPTAINS: The Invitation email sent to your team members will NOT specify what category (Elite, Age Group, Morning or Afternoon) or wave time your team is registered for; YOU will need to personally communicate with your team members the appropriate category to locate your team. Individual team members must complete their own registrations before online registrations close.


How do I claim my pre-paid team registration?

  1. Your Team Captain will send an email invite to you.
    (If they advise they sent it, but you can't find it, make sure to look in your Spam/Junk email folders!)
  2. Follow the instructions and link in the email to begin registering for your event.
  3. NOTE: You will need to contact your team captain (if they didn't already tell you) to find out what CATEGORY (Elite, Age Group, Morning or Afternoon) and WAVE TIME that your team is registered for. The email will NOT note this information for you. (You may need to also obtain the team password from your team captain)
  4. Make sure to select your team during the "team selection" portion of registration. 
  5. VERIFY your pre-paid entry has applied, by viewing your total purchase on the right hand side of registration. 
  6. Checkout! Individuals racers will still be responsible for paying insurance fees, processing fees and any "add on" purchase fees that they select (Spectators, SpartanTabs, etc.).
  7. Individual team members must complete their own registrations before online registrations close.


The Details:

  • Team Discounts CAN NOT be retroactively applied. No exceptions.
  • Prepaying for your team does NOT hold these slots for your team in your chosen wave time. It is each person's responsibility to ensure that they complete their individual registration online and pay for their insurance before online registrations close.
  • Team Discount registrations cannot change category (e.g. from Age Group to Open, or from AM to PM), and are not able to be deferred to another event or transferred to another individual, once claimed, under any circumstance. Failure to use a registration for the specific event in which it is purchased, is a forfeiture of the registration. No forwarding credit will be offered. 
  • Team Captains must be creating a NEW team and pre-paying for all members, to receive the team discounts
  • Individual team members are still responsible for paying insurance fees, processing fees and any "add on" purchase fees that they select (spectators, SpartanTabs, etc.)
  • Team Discounts CANNOT be combined with any other discount, including (but not limited to) season passes, Street Team discounts, limited-time promotional discounts, etc.
  • Team Discounted Registrations will NOT qualify you for any Refer a Friend Promotions
  • Team Captains (setting up a team eligible for a Team Discount) can NOT be Season Pass holders. If you attempt to go through registration, your Season Pass will NOT apply and discount your registration.
  • Team Captains should ensure that ALL prepaid registrations are CLAIMED before inviting other members to your team. We recommend setting a team PASSWORD during registration, or via your Chronotrack profile post-registration, before sharing invites to your team. If you do not set a team password, and a new member attempts to join your team before all of your prepaid members have claimed their registrations, the new member will "claim" one of the pre-paid spots. We are not able to refund, cancel or correct registrations if a team is not password-locked and an unintended member claims a registration.
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