2020 Season Pass & 4-Event Pass

For 2020 we're offering 2 season passes:

If you are registering for the 4-Event Pass, you'll be prompted to select your 4 events for the year - please choose carefully as these CANNOT be changed.



In the Australia, we are offering three options for your Season or 4-Event Pass.

Elite: In 2020, the Elite Season Pass is reserved for the truly Elite. Registration for the 2020 Elite Pass will only be available to a select group of Spartans who qualify. If you are not sure whether you would qualify for the Elite wave in 2020, we recommend you register for the Age Group. More information on the application process for the 2020 season will be available shortly.
Age Group: valid for 100% off registration in the Age Group and Open categories (not including insurance, additional purchases or the processing fee). Registering for the Elite category for an additional $10.
Open: valid for 100% off registrations in the Open category (not including insurance, additional purchases or the processing fee). Registering for the Age Group category for an additional $10, or for the Elite category for an additional $20.

Passes DO NOT guarantee your entry into a sold out heat. You must register early to guarantee your spot! 


Valid towards Sprint, Super, Beast, Ultra, Combo, Trifecta, HH4HR and Stadion races in Australia and New Zealand only. Excludes Kids Races and HH12HR.




  • Full Season Pass
    • Access to all of major events in 2020
    • Free bag check
    • Multiple laps
    • 10% off merchandise
  • 4-Event Pass
    • Access to any 4 events of your choice in 2020
    • Free bag check
    • Multiple laps
    • 10% off merchandise

To claim your free bag check* and/or 10% merchandise discount on race days, simply present a copy of your Season Pass confirmation email showing your name at Bag Check or Merchandise!

To claim multiple laps of your race, just show a copy of your season pass confirmation email to our Registrations team.

*Do not select bag check during registration.



  • Once you have successfully registered and paid for your season pass, your unique season pass code will be processed and emailed to you in 2 weeks' time.
  • When you receive your season pass code, you'll just need to use this to register for your chosen race.
  • Ensure that you enter your season pass code correctly in the Promotional Discount Code field:
  • You are still required to pay the mandatory insurance per race. This is $10 for individual races, $20 for a Combo and $30 for a Trifecta Package.
  • We strongly encourage that you register online as early as possible. Having a Season Pass doesn’t secure you a spot unless you complete an online registration. If you miss out on registering online, you will have to register on the day of the race by showing your season pass confirmation email, however this is subject to availability.
  • If you have any difficulties registering online contact us BEFORE making payment at




  • A season pass code is valid for one use, per race type, per event. Once you complete the transaction, the code becomes inactive.

  • If an event features more than one race type on different days (e.g. Saturday Sprint and Sunday Sprint) you can only use your code to register for ONE of these. If you wish to participate in both, you will need to pay for the other entry.

  • Athletes claiming multiple laps may not collect additional finisher medals/shirts. Only one finisher medal/shirt may be collected per race distance.
  • Season passes are not valid towards Kids' Races, 12-Hour Hurricane Heat or Work Out Days.
  • We will be charging a $20 cancellation fee for the incorrect use of your code, e.g. 'accidentally' paying for a registration from not applying their code correctly. This is due to the high fees we face when refunding participants. It is your responsibility to check the code is properly applied before making payment.
  • Your Season Pass is unique to you and can not be shared. Pass usage is audited. If racers are discovered sharing passes, passes may be revoked and any race results disqualified.
  • Once purchased, season passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Any races not used are forfeited and cannot be transferred to the next race season.
  • A season pass cannot be put on hold in the case of injury, moving, or any other reasons.
  • We are not able to credit current or past registrations toward the cost of a pass.
  • We are not able to refund current registrations if you buy a pass after signing up for an event.
  • When you sign up with the pass we are not able to transfer that registration to another person or event and the insurance and other other fees paid are non refundable.


If you have further queries, please contact us at


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